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Why Do You Sin?


If you've ever found yourself struggling repeatedly with a
recurring temptation, you've probably asked yourself, Why do I
keep doing this when I know what it'll cost me? It will hurt me
spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically?

Sin shouldn't have that kind of power over anyone. Then, why do
we sin? The flesh is weak. Self-gratification is the drive to
find as much pleasure, comfort, and satisfaction as possible. It
shows itself in sins such as greed, vanity, and

The process you go through when you sin:

  * The battle is for your mind. If your spirit belongs to God,
    and your flesh is of this world, the battleground is your
    mind. Your sinful nature seeks what it wants and tries its
    best to focus your mind - both its intellect and emotion - on
    the things your flesh desires.

  * Fleshly temptation ambushes you. Temptations that create
    great fleshly desire within you ambush you through some
    temptation trap. If that temptation is a new one - meaning
    the temptation isn't to a repetitive sin - you think you are
    in control.

  * You agree to think about it. Confronted with temptation, you
    realize its pull and know you must leave immediately. But as
    you turn to walk away, the flesh whispers, Can't I just think
    about this? If you stop to think, the battle is nearly over.
    I know I don't want to do this, and Surely I won't, but that
    doesn't mean I have to be in such a hurry. I'll stay just a
    little longer and enjoy as much of it as I can without really
    doing anything.

  * Emotions join flesh and entice you with possibilities.
    Enjoying proximity with the temptation, all the while certain
    you won't sin, gives time for your flesh to enlist the aid of
    your emotions. You know doing this would be exciting. I know
    I'd like it if I did it, and This is probably the only time
    in my whole life I will ever have this opportunity. If I walk
    away, I may never have this chance again. Leave now and I'll
    regret it for the rest of my life.

  * Your spirit weakens and your flesh gains control. Your
    spirit, listening to the Spirit of God, wants to flee. But
    your mind, drugged by the passion growing in your flesh and
    emotions, wants to find a lie to believe so you can commit
    the sin. You subconsciously look for any rationalization that
    will help you justify experiencing this sin.

  * Your mind joins your flesh and rationalizes. At this point,
    your mind has joined the sin process. It thinks something
    like this: I know this is wrong, but I very much want to
    experience it...to feel it just this once. Surely God, in His
    great mercy, can forgive me just this one time, I know He

Remember you have power over sin through Christ Jesus.  Resist the devil and has to flee from you.


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