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 To Save Just One


One beautiful and sunny day a man was taking a stroll along the beach
when he came across a young girl who was frantically throwing starfish
into the ocean. 

The man asks the young girl, "Why are you throwing the starfish 
into the ocean?" The girl replied, "The starfish were washed upon 
the shore last night in a storm, and if I don't get them back into
the ocean then they will die." 

The man looked around and to his amazement there were hundreds 
of starfish lying upon the sand. He looked at her and cackled saying 
"Why are you wasting your time? There is no possible way you can 
save all of these creatures. By throwing back a few, how is it that you 
expect to make a difference?" 

The young girl looked around sadly at the starfish that surrounded them 
on the beach, and then she looked back at the man and replied "Even if I 
save the life of only one, then I have made a difference." And with that 
she continued to save as many as she could.

Author Unknown


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