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 A Man's Witness


I was packing my bags for the final bell of school to ring, eager to get out
of English class. When the bell rang I stopped by to see my friends at their
lockers. I was annoyed while visiting them, it felt like some act was going
to bring an abrupt end to something. My stomach was knotted, my heart was
pounding and I was dizzy. Besides the external side affects I was feeling,
something else told me, deep down inside I knew that something was coming. I
was suddenly scared and I felt I needed to get home. For the first time in
my life I felt like I was going to die.

When I got home I saw my 4 year old brother laying on the couch, in his
cartoon blanket he carried everywhere he goes. I looked at him and my heart
started racing faster and faster. Nothing was abnormal about him being on the
couch, he was always there when I got home.  The dizziness and headaches
went down, but my stomach was knotted and heart still pumping.

I walked down the hall, put my coat down on my bed and glanced over to my
desk. I saw the Children's interpitated bible I had since I was a little,
but I never paid attention to it. We went to church every Sunday, but I
really just went with the flow and didn't pay attention. My heart was now
pounding out of control, but for what?  I was a healthy young man.

Everything was different a depressing in a way for the rest of the night,
when I went to bed that night, something was seriously wrong with me. I
had a nightmare the whole night, of bad things that could have happened to
me, but didn't. Like when I was almost hit by a car but the last few
seconds before impact a trash can rolled into the road, setting the car off
guard. There were many other times similar to that.

I woke up in the morning with a cold sweat, still feeling sick. My Mom went to work
early that day, and my dad was gone.  I'm 16, I dont normally care when my
parents aren't home but something made me panic. I was panicking and very
upset. I went to school that morning, met my friends in our normal hang out
place and started my day.  The bell rang for class and as I watched my best
friend walking away, it was as if he was drifting like smoke rings in the
dark, for good.

That afternoon after school I got on the bus and waited for my stop. While
on the bus, my heart was racing. POUNDING and POUNDING, I was starting to
sweat and I was shaking. I walked off the bus, and as I was crossing the
road to get to my house a car was speeding really fast, I heard horns blaring
and tires screeching.

The next thing I saw was an Angel. I was in this room, like the center of a
cloud but there was a floor. There was dead air between us and he was
looking through a book, It said "The Lambs Book of Life" and I assumed he was
looking for my name? This was our conversation, red being her, blue being me:

"Today was your time, sir"
"oh no, please mame, I wasn't ready to die"
"I didn't get to say goodbye to my Mom and friends, please! Just let me live
one more day"

"I'm sorry, I cant do that"
"You cant just put me back into my body and let me survive the crash?"
"God has given you enough time, he could have given you a million years and
you still wouldn't have excepted him"

"We gave you many signs, the dreams, the stomach knots, heart beating,
depression, showing you the bible, and reminding you of so many things"

"But but."
"There's nothing you can do, you name isn't in the Book of Life. I cannot
allow you to enter the Kingdom."

"Please !!!! OH NO !!! CAN I PLEASE talk to the Lord. PLEASE!"

The angel left, walked out of my sight and told me to follow him. He vanished out
of sight and I saw, for the first time, who I never thought I would see 
before; Jesus Christ.

"Jesus, I always believed in you. Can you please allow me in"
"My child, you have refused to accept me, and I shall not let you in"
"What on earth did I need to do?"
"All you needed was to invite me into your heart, live with me. All you needed
to do was except me. Now, my people are waiting for me. I must go."
"No no one more second please"

Night turned into day. I was on a ramp, like a little walk way bridge. I
looked about 100,000 feet below and there was a lake of fire. Satan on one
side of the bridge walked over to me, and led me over.

If I can tell you one thing. Hell is real, hell has no age. And I will be
spending the rest of time in a lake hotter then the sun. Forever and ever
and ever. Think about it, Forever. 

Please, hell has millions and millions of people. I see tons come everyday. 
Can you please PLEASE accept Jesus Christ into your heart. Surrender to him, 
so you can make sure your eternal life isn't in agony. Nothing on earth can 
make something as hot as this. Its hotter then the sun, which is 90,000,000 
miles from where my friends and family are. Open your heart to the Lord 
today. You will not regret it.

Author Unknown


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