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 The Black Cat

Some college students from our church have a black cat and live in an
apartment complex near North Carolina State University. One day they
were led to pray that their cat would be used by the Lord. Later,
the cat escaped from the apartment and disappeared. Then the students
were praying to find the cat.

Across the courtyard, unknown to the students, a witch/satenist lived in
another apartment. As it was a nice day, her door was open and the cat
ran in, hid under the bed and refused to leave. Not wanting to get
scratched up, she decided to try to find the owner of the cat. 

Crossing the courtyard, she saw one of the other apartments also had their 
door open. Deciding to go there first, she walked into the apartment of 
our students. She had been led directly to the owners of the cat. They 
retrieved the black cat and seeing all the witchcraft paphernalia began 
to share Christ with her. They showed a lot of love to her and brought 
her to church.

At church she kept running out to the bathroom to throw up because the
demons could not stand the presence of God in the church. We were doing
a thing with long cloths going over the heads of the people while seated
in the chairs. She said that when the red cloth went over her while my
daughter was singing about the blood of Jesus, it was horrible
for the demons and she had to run out again.

It turns out that she had lived a terrible life of drugs and violence.
She saw her sister brutally murdered and barely escaped with her own
life. Her parents are the owners of the witchcraft store by the college.
The pastor, Scott Lycan and I met with her later as she was requesting
prayer for deliverance. She brought in a whole pile of stuff, satanist
and witchcraft, which we took out behind the church and burned. 

It took some time to explain the work of the cross, salvation, freedom
and repent, renounce, and break all connections with the demons. 

Now we have another on-fire, free, and joyful Christian who is bringing 
lots of people to church. Thanks to a black cat used by the Lord!

                                        By Alice McGee

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