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The Harvest


There was once a spider who lived in a cornfield. He was a big spider and 
he had spun a beautiful web between the corn stalks. He got fat eating all 
the bugs that would get caught in his web. He liked his home and planned 
to stay there for the rest of his life.

One day the spider caught a little bug in his web, and just as the spider 
was about to eat him, the bug said, "If you let me go I will tell you 
something important that will save your life." The spider paused for a 
moment and listened because he was amused. "You better get out of this 
cornfield," the little bug said, "The harvest is coming!"

The spider smiled and said, "What is this harvest you are talking about? I 
think you are just telling me a story." But the little bug said, "Oh no, 
it is true. The owner of this field is coming to harvest it soon. All the 
stalks will be knocked down and the corn will be gathered up. You will be 
killed by the giant machines if you stay here."

The spider said, "I don't believe in harvests and giant machines that 
knock down corn stalks. How can you prove this?" The little bug 
continued, "Just look at the corn. See how it is planted in rows? It 
proves this field was created by an intelligent designer." The spider 
laughed and mockingly said, "This field has evolved and has nothing to do 
with a creator. Corn always grows that way." The bug went on to 
explain, "Oh no. This field belongs to the owner who planted it, and the 
harvest is coming soon." The spider grinned and said to the little bug, "I 
don't believe you," and then the spider ate the little bug for lunch.

A few days later, the spider was laughing about the story the little bug 
had told him. He thought to himself, "A harvest! What a silly idea. I have 
lived here all of my life and nothing has ever disturbed me. I have been 
here since these stalks were just a foot off the ground, and I'll be here 
for the rest of my life, because nothing is ever going to change in this 
field. Life is good, and I have it made."

The next day was a beautiful sunny day in the cornfield. The sky above was 
clear and there was no wind at all. That afternoon as the spider was about 
to take a nap, he noticed some thick dusty clouds moving toward him. He 
could hear the roar of a great engine and he said to himself, "I wonder 
what that could be?"

Author Unknown

Every promise God has ever made has and will come to pass. 800 years 
before Jesus was born the prophet Isaiah wrote of the coming of the Lord 
Jesus Christ (Isaiah 53:3-12). He wrote in detail of all that would 
happen to the Lord and it did come to pass just as he had written. Read 
Matthew 27 and John 19. Just as the past prophesies have come true, so 
will all of the future prophesies. Jesus is coming again (Revelation 1:9) 
and will take all of those who have put their trust in Him 
(1 Thessalonians 4:16-18). I encourage you to make Jesus the Lord of your 
life if you have never done so before. He promised to forgive your every 
sin and make you a child of God. (Isaiah 1:18) (2 Corinthians 5:17)

God in His everlasting mercy wants none to perish, but has made a way for 
every human being to have eternal life with Him in Heaven. It is then up 
to us to accept or reject this free gift. The Bible declares in Acts 
4:12 "Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name 
under heaven given among men by which we must be saved." Jesus is the 
only way to have eternal life and anyone can have this gift by opening 
their heart to Him and confessing Jesus as their Lord and Savior. 
(Romans 10:9-13)

I encourage you to study the scriptures and invite the Lord speak to your 
heart as you read and learn.


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