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Who Would I Be Without You?


Out of my mouth flow the words of gratitude that my heart wants to 
express to its Creator, every time I look back at where I started 
off and think of who I could have been today if You did not grant 
me Your grace. Deep down where I was, in my ignorance, in the 
darkness of my sins, Creator, Redeemer, Comforter, God of all ages, 
Your mercy has reached out and rescued me. You've made me whole. 
You made me a brand new creature. You changed my name, my destiny; 
I am no longer the same. You made of me a useful vessel for Your service.

When I say it I mean it. Who would I be without You?

To the World and to the Enemy, I was nothing but a wicked tool, but to 
You, my Savior, I am a chosen person, a royal messenger. Because of 
Your grace, I become Your property. You've purchased me with a great 
price - the Ultimate Price: Your Precious Son's Blood.

When I say it I really mean it. Who would I be without You?

Without You Lord God, my life would turn out to be nothing. I guess 
nothing is not the word for nothing is far better than what my life 
would be - it would be just a mess.

Before I met You, Living Water, life meant nothing to me. I had no 
purpose for living; I was miserable, but when I read Your promises 
for me in Jeremiah 29:11, John 14, John 17:20, and in other places in 
the Bible. I had that indescribable joy that resides within me since 
then. Now, my life is worth the living. For long time I searched for 
peace, love, hope and joy, now, I find them all in You.

When I say it Lord I really mean it. Who would I be without You?

Oh, now Your life in my life changes everything. I don't think the 
same way any more, neither do I speak, act, or live the same. Your 
light shines Your likeness on me, and Now, I see the world and the 
circumstances differently. All my thanks go to You for Your plan of 
Salvation for me, for Your unconditional love, for Your indescribable 
peace. For Your joy that revives my soul in times of need, I 
worship You, Only Friend.

I Praise for You are:

My Jehovah-Rohi
My Jehovah-Shalom
My Jehovah-Jirah
My Jehovah-Nissi

And the list goes on and on and on.

When I say it, Lord, I really mean it. Who would I be without You?
To this question, answers have not yet come to my mind,

And I doubt that any will ever come.


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