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Power In Prayer



"I Know how there is Power in Prayer!"

This is my story of how Jesus brought me through my sickness. He lifted me!!!
I never knew I really had a serious problem. I started having pain. I was
told it was adhesions from my two Cesareans that I had had. The pain got
worse and worse. It was unbearable! I had to lay down for a hour or so. I
got out my hymnal and sang praises to God! I was lifted up! This pain went
on since 1995.

On August 13, 1998 I thought I had a bad flu. I was in bed day and night
for five days. I was SO weak! I was vomiting for five days also. My
husband called my OB doctor, because he thought I may be pregnant. The day
I was supposed to go to the doctor, I ended up in the emergency room. The
pains were so terrible!

The morning I went to the emergency room, I was almost blue. I was dizzy,
and I had two seizures. My husband said my eyes were sunk in my head. I
didn't know what was going on with me. I knew I was being taken out of my
house by an ambulance. I heard that if I didn't get to the hospital within
ten minutes, I would be dead. My oldest daughter, Robin, now twenty, said
please don't let anything happen to my mom. The ambulance crew couldn't get
any blood from me. They said, This lady is crashing." I prayed and asked
God to take care of me and to watch over my family.

This was the second time I was in the hospital to spend time there. When I
was younger, I had seizures. I had pelvic epilepsy. The doctor told me
after I had children, it might go away. When I was pregnant with my second
child, who is now nine years old, I had an EEG when I was pregnant. The
results were negative -- Jesus healed me!!!

The seizures I was having this time were from dehydration and my body was
weak, when I was so sick. I was in the emergency room all day. My best
friend started a prayer chain for me the day I went into the hospital. My
husband couldn't stay with me in the emergency room, because of the
complications of not getting blood from me and because of my critical
condition. There were about twelve doctors and nurses there with me. After
about four hours, they finally got blood from me. I was SO happy. I said,
"Thank you, Jesus!" The doctors and nurses had to get blood from my femur
artery vein. The IV was hooked up about five days. I had MANY IV's besides
that one. I had dear friends call me from the internet. God is so good to
me. I felt the power of prayer!

It was about 9:00 PM when I finally got a room in the ICU. I knew I was in
good hands, and in all I went through, Jesus was always with me. The nurses
couldn't believe that I had a smile on my face when I was so sick. Then
they knew it was the faith I have in God.

My mom flew in from Pennsylvania and stayed with me in ICU every day and
visited me. I really appreciated her being there. My dad and step-mom came
to visit from South Carolina for a couple of days. My sisters called. They
couldn't come because of their jobs and they lived up north. They called me
different times. I was glad to hear from them. My mom told me how fortunate
she was to have me here. On Christmas, she told me the best Christmas gift
this year was having me still here with her. We both cried!!! I cried
different times in the hospital. It was hard for my youngest daughter,
because she couldn't come to see me. She did get to see me through a window
one day. That made my day! The even harder thing was that my oldest
daughter didn't know how sick I really was. My husband had to keep from
telling her, because I was so near death for three days. The nurses had to
keep the pints of liquid I was vomiting. They got fourteen pints. This was
after I took medicine to stop the vomiting. The nurses told me later, I was
vomiting my bowels.

I had MANY tests the four days I was in ICU. It was SCARY for me to go
through them. One doctor told me I could have permanent kidney damage, and
I had ulcers. I kept praying and kept my eyes on Jesus. Jesus brought me
through each test. I had one test where the results came back that I had a
mass in my abdomen. I was really scared! I thought, "Oh no! It's cancer!"
Jesus is in control, and HE was there for me. I was to have surgery the
next morning. My pastor came in to see me before surgery. I appreciated
him being there.

Surgery went fine. What I had was an incarcerated hernia. It could have
ruptured at any time. The nurses told me I had to get up and walk around
in a couple of hours. I prayed that Jesus would touch me in a special way
and take the pain away, because I had ALOT of PAIN!! When I got up to walk,
I felt a pull in my abdomen. It was a AWESOME feeling. Jesus took away all
the pain. I was healed at that moment!!! One doctor told me he was looking
for my obituary in the paper. Then when I got better and came out of ICU,
the doctor said, "You are still here!" I said, "Yes, Jesus kept me here!"
I couldn't believe how sick I really was. Jesus knew all along and I was
safe with him. He never left my side. I was in the hospital for eleven
days. It seemed to be the longest days in my life.

I thank Jesus everyday for giving me a second chance in life, because you
never know how many days you may have left to live. I met allot of nice
nurses. I still go and see them and give them hugs!! They blessed me. The
nurses couldn't believe how I progressed so quickly. I smiled when they
told me how fortunate I am to be here. I told them Jesus gave me victory
through this.

Some people from church brought my family and I meals for three and a half
weeks, after I came home from the hospital. That was very nice of them. We
appreciated that. We have a wonderful, caring and loving church family.
God has BLESSED me and my family tremendously. Praise God!!!

My two daughters are saved.

God Bless,
Your Sister In Christ,



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