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Michael J. Ray's Testimony


1973 was the year when I was a rough, proud construction worker, I was 
very sick from 1974-1980, and then God gave me my miracles in 1981, 
when I turned back to Him, as Jonah did.  It sent me to Atlantic City Medical 
Center. I was unable to eat or drink anything without it coming out as bloody diarrhea.
Conveniently, there was a bible in my hospital room, which I never seriously considered 
reading before. I had always believed in God, but never really knew Him personally. 
When I opened up the bible and started reading, the words came alive to me, and the Lord 
was working on me big time. 

What the doctors said was that I would never have a normal life again. I would always be 
on medication for the rest of my life, would never be able to work hard, and the food 
that I ate had to be bland, and the vegetables had to be ground. This, my brothers and 
sisters made me an extremely unhappy camper. When I heard the doctors say all that 
I almost fainted. 

I would not accept the fact that I would never work hard again, so I started work at a 
different job at Spencer Gifts in New Jersey. During this time I ran into many Christians, 
but I was like the Apostle Paul on the way to Damascus. I persecuted our brothers, and 
threatened to physically abuse them if they kept giving me that Jesus stuff. Then I met 
a young man by the name of Robert Wojack, who to me seemed like Jesus incarnate. That man 
could not do enough for you. Tough ol' Mike died that day and surrendered to Jesus, the 
heavyweight champion of the universe. Brother Robert prayed for me and I got saved. I 
went home with Robert, and met his lovely wife. That couple prayed for me, and I received 
the Holy Spirit, and they prayed for the healing of my physical body. 

It took ten years of waiting, but Jesus completely healed me. He brought me from a dying 
man, to a man free of medication from that illness, able to eat practically anything, and 
able to work very hard, and due to Him, and His miraculous power, at 49 years of age, I am 
youthful and strong. Someone give Him a shout of praise, for He is worthy, and it is this 
mans prayer, who is writing you all tonight, for all of you within the sound of my voice, 
and whomever can read this, or get this read to him or her, to Surrender to Jesus, give Him 
your heart tonight. You may not get a second chance. He can change your life. 

I love you all with the love of Jesus. Make Him your savior, even tonight, even now. bless 
all those who read this. affect lives, and change lives, Lord, In Jesus name, Amen 

Read in the Bible Philippians 4:13-16, and Isaiah 40:31

In Jesus,
Michael J. Ray


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