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God Saved My Dad


I received a phone call about 6:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 29. My
older sister told me that my dad had been rushed to the hospital. Right
then, I suspected it was bad. You see, Dad had been in CCU in 1998 and
1996, and each time, it was worst.

I had to drive about 90 miles to the hospital. I called my daughter who
attended college about 50 miles from me, giving her instructions on
getting to the hospital.

My son and I grabbed a few things and got on the road. We arrived at
the hospital about 9:00 and family were waiting for us. I was told that
Dad was just moved to CCU from the emergency room.

Dad was unconscious and it startled me to see him hooked up to so much
stuff. Later, we all left the hospital, me to my Dad's house and my
sisters to their homes. We were planning to return to the hospital
later since he was stabilized.

I called the hospital about 2:00 that afternoon and was told to get the
family together. It was BAD news. Dad was worsening and it was felt
that he would NOT last through the night.

Now, I was just devastated. I cried to God, "No, please don't let Daddy
die!" I had already lost my mother in 1986 and I was NOT ready to lose
him. I pleaded with God and it just tore me apart, the possibility of
losing him.

When we got to the hospital, we all were in tears. One of my cousins
was at the hospital with his wife and being the wonderful Christians
they are, they went directly into Dad's room and prayed for him. Dad
was not responding to us. He was not breathing on his own and his
vitals were poor. I remember that top number of his blood
pressure.....50 or 51 and as you know, that is LOW! My cousin's wife
prayed for Dad. She touched him, caressed him, put a prayer cloth under
his head and his feet. I held his hand and tears just ran down my face.
I talked to my dad, just like the rest of his loved ones were doing. We
were told that he could hear us. I kept calling him, "Daddy" and
letting him know that I was there and that I loved him. That cousin of
mine kept on with her prayer and when I looked at the blood pressure
reading, ALL OF A SUDDEN, IT JUMPED TO 83!!!! I shouted, "Look at that
number!" My mouth just hung open and that number stayed on 83 and it
would go down, but as I can recall, never again to 50.

My cousin embraced me and we praised God! And shortly afterwards, Dad
opened his eyes and he recognized us!!!! He began to improve right
before our eyes!

I had to rush out of the room to get my daughter into the emergency room
(she suffered an asthma attack). God gave me strength to deal with her
sickness and my family kept coming downstairs to check on us both.

Today is Tuesday, October 2. Dad is OFF the respirator. Dad is
breathing on his own! Dad was sitting up when my sister visited him and
talking. Dad is being weaned from those medicines and the doctors were
AMAZED! The nursing staff gives me EXCELLENT REPORTS each time I call.
One nurse even admitted that it was those prayers that got him through.

I am about ready to cry again, but tears of happiness. God had mercy on
my father and when the doctors wanted us to get him off life support and
die, God said NO!

I am not where I should be in relationship with God. I have been hurt
badly by so called Christians and unfortunately, had stopped going to
any religious meetings. Yet, deep inside, I still recognized that God
was REAL and I KNEW that He could save my dad. And He did!

This incident has touched me and many others whom I've shared it with.
Now, Dad's heart is damaged and there's the possibility that he will
have to have open heart surgery or a by-pass, but this man is ALIVE. I
saw him slipping away but God restored him.

I witnessed a miracle in that CCU. My siblings and I KNOW 100% that God

My daughter is ok, and the trauma with her grandfather brought on the
attack. You see, they are very close and he refers to her as "the baby"
even though she's 21. She just loves my dad so much and in an age where
many young people do not respect their elders, she always take time to
visit her Pop Pop. As a single parent, my parents help raise her and
she's always been my Dad's pride and joy.

This is a true incident. Please feel free to share it with anyone. I
will never forget September 29, 2001. With all the tears that have been
shed during the month of September, the tears that we shed were of
sadness but for only a short while. We have been crying tears of joy
and giving thanks to our Almighty Heavenly Father every since.


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