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Holli Hess's Testimony


A very wonderful pastor by the name of Dan Franke has just reminded me of 
the importance of our testimonies. God has truly done something in all of
our lives who have given them to Him. 

God has kept His hand upon me ever since I was a little girl. I remember 
going to "Good news club" and giving my heart to Jesus and just feeling the 
love He gave me. 

We eventually moved away and I grew closer to the world. My parents were not
saved at the time. Even though I was living a very worldly teenage life, I 
know the Lord still kept His hand on me. I finally gave myself completely to 
Jesus in 1999. My husband and I both. 

God gave His Son to be killed on that cross at Calvary, to be beaten and spit 
upon and humiliated. It is the least we could do to live our lives as a
pleasing sacrifice to God. To share what Jesus Christ has done for all of us. 

His love is so great and so powerful, it is all I can do but sit at His feet 
and lift up prayers of thanksgiving and praise to our awesome God. The Lord
has really changed me and molded me. 

Continue Lord to shape me into Your image. I pray my testimony will touch 
someone and not because of me but what God is doing in me and what He can do 
in anyone if they will just surrender to Him. 

May the lord bless you and keep you. I love you my brothers and sisters.


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