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The Power Failure


A simple little testimony.

I work in a Volkswagen Assembly plant in South Africa. A Saturday morning in May
this year I was busy doing a summary on a teaching at work. I have been typing
without saving the work for about 4 hours. 

Suddenly the Holy Spirit told me to save my work. I thought to myself why is the 
Spirit of God telling me to save. I was expecting the Spirit to tell me something 
relevant about the teaching I was busy
with, not to save. 

So the Spirit told me again save. So after the third time the Spirit told me to 
save the work, I asked Him why? So He answered me and simply said the power is 
going to fail. So I saved my work. 

Sitting back, having a stretch about 20 seconds later. There it was a complete 
power failure. The whole of the plant was down. I thought to myself wow, the Holy
Spirit really is faithful. If only we would always listen and obey the Holy 
Spirit, what a wonderful blessed life would we have.

I hope this inspires someone to really get to know the Holy Spirit, because He
really changed my life when I got to know Him more intimately. He truly is a
friend. He is more real than you could ever imagine.

Juan Koen
South Africa


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