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I Have Finally Made It


I have to say that I could write you a book about my life, all of which would 
depress you, some would down right shock you, but I will not. I will keep this 
as short as possible. 

I felt different all my life. Being the last of four female children, I became 
the tom-boy out of all of them. I followed my father around everywhere he went. 
When my sisters were inside learning to sew, I was outside learning to change 
the oil in the car. And at 17, I started to have kidney problems that would 
plague me for the next 16 years. I ended up having one of my kidneys removed. 
My biggest problem though wouldn't be my health, it was the fact that I was very 
confused about being very manly, to the point that I dated women. 

It seemed that every time that I started to date a woman, God would call me to 
church. I spent 11 years dating the same woman on and off, each time returning 
to the church. Please don't stop reading. I am very happy to say that I have been 
living on my own for a year and a half, and I have returned to the church. 

Most would say that it will not last, but for some reason this time I feel 
completely different. I love the Lord more than I have ever loved anything in my 
life. I want very much to tell everyone what He has done for me. I don't have the 
confusion that I once felt. I don't have the feelings I once had. My life is 
finally where I want it to be. (My family could use some help though.)

As far as my health goes, I recently found out that I have thyroid and liver trouble.
When I told my oldest sister that I was sick and it could turn out to be serious, 
she became angry with me when I said I didn't care if it was serious or not 
because I was ready to leave this earth. (She doesn't attend church) I couldn't 
be more ready to go to my new home. 

My mother recently left my ailing father, on their 42nd wedding anniversary. I go 
to his house daily and we talk about the Bible. My father is the only family 
member, as of right now, that I may count on seeing in Heaven. He has been a 
Christian for many years. He waited patiently while I lived out my wild life, 
praying for me daily. He knew with Christ all things were possible.

Though my family has all went their separate ways, I am headed in the right 
direction. I have finally made it to the path that leads to life eternal and I
am proud to say that my life is the best it has ever been. Sickness and all, I 
thank God for His gracious forgiveness...SJS


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