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I Was Once Lost


This is about how one day God pulled me out of the pit of hell. It all began when I met 
crack-cocaine, which was the worst enemy I could have ever imagined having. Of 
course at first I enjoyed the high it gave me and it was kind of like giving me the attention
I thought would cover up the emotional pain I'd gone through when the father of my 
son had left him and I. 

But as time went on, my drug problem grew much worse. Each time I went off to get high,
it was much worse than the first one. It made me do things that I didn't want to do. It was 
controlling me because the temptation was so strong, that the drug became more important
than my own family and friends. It was the enemy who had control over my mind, body, 
and soul at the time. 

The enemy is nothing but a liar. He's only out there to destroy people's lives. My prayer 
goes out to all of those still sick and suffering addicts who are being tormented by this 
disease we call "ADDICTS." I always keep in mind of those I use to hang around 
with, praying for them and believing that God has snatched them out of the pit of 
hell, like He did for me. 

I can't sit here and blame all of this on the enemy because I believe that God gives us 
choices to make regardless of whether or not we know what His word says. Because even 
when I became a Christian and started listening and reading about what God says about 
idolatry and about having other God's before Him, I still would go out and pick up again. 
I believe with the experience of almost losing my family and spending three months in jail
woke me up and opened my eyes up to exactly what was going to happen if I didn't start 
living up to God's standards. The emotional strain I put on my family and on myself made 
me realize that I just couldn't do whatever I wanted to because God set before me people 
who loved me. He doesn't like it when we hurt His children, so I had to choose whether I 
wanted to live a Godly, wholesome life or a life of pain and suffering. I chose to press on 
and to give my all to God and completely and totally surrender all of what the enemy 
had placed in! 

My life. I had to come to God in repentance and lay all of my trials and sufferings on the 
cross. God has brought me through so much. I know that He has a big purpose for my 
life because if He didn't, He wouldn't have allowed me to go through what I did to get 
where I'm at today. He would have allowed for that black male who was pointing a gun 
in my face at point blank to kill me. I believe God steps in and rescues us from alot of bad
things happening to us because not only does He have a plan for our lives, but because He
wants us to learn from our mistakes and bring everything into His kingdom, so He can 
mold us into His likeness. 

Well, I'm going to go for now. I hope you've enjoyed my story. I sure did enjoy telling it to 
you. I pray that this story gets out there and that it will touch lives. God is an awesome 
God! If He can pull me out of the pit of hell I was once in, He can pull anybody out of the
pit they're in. May God Bless and All Glory and Honor Be To OUR FATHER 
IN HEAVEN! Peace be to you and yours. Have a great evening and a great 
day tomorrow. Remember, wherever you are, God is right there with you. 

You don't have to be afraid because God will restore and refresh your soul; just draw close to Him. 

Any comments, please send to: inhismercyandgrace@christianemail.com


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