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Always Be Available


This is a testimony of how the Lord works in mysterious ways. 

Each Sunday my husband and I are in Louisville, we eat at the same Chinese Restaurant. 
But after church last Sunday, Brad asked if I wanted to have a "different kind of dining 
experience." He was in the mood for ceviche. As it turned out, we had a different kind 
of dining experience, but not at all what we expected. 

On Wednesday, an article in the Courier Journal had some very positive comments about 
the ceviches served at Jicama Grill. Brad really enjoyed ceviche in South America last fall,
and was excited to learn that it was locally available! So, we decided today was the day 
to try this Latin-American dish, again. 

There were no parking spaces near the restaurant, and we were impressed with the 
number of people inside. (A good sign that the food is great.) 

We asked for a non smoking table for two, but were told nothing was available. Then we 
were escorted to a large table, where six adults were munching on appetizers. In the middle
of the table was a large bowl of Prawns and cocktail sauce. On either side were dishes of 
fried oysters and catfish. Right in front of where I sat was a huge bowl of steamed mussels. 
We were introduced to all the people at the table, and were told how they were related 
to the escort. 

As the appetizers were passed, Brad requested a menu. But menus were not available. 

He tried to order ceviches, and was informed ceviches were not an option today. All they 
were serving were salmon and steak. This seemed strange to us, since their ceviches had 
just been featured in the Courier Journal last week. 

We ordered salmon, and enjoyed the appetizers and chilled watermelon juice, as we waited. 

Next, they brought a plate of palmito, which is mixed greens tossed with hearts of palm, 
jicama, onions, and tomatoes. The passion fruit vinaigrette dressing was delicious! 

The citrus marinated salmon was beautifully presented on a bed of peanut scallion 
pilaf. The entree included snap peas and mixed veggies, which were garnished with
papaya basil. 

While eating the entree, I asked another couple at our table how much each meal cost, 
and they said they had no idea. They had not seen a menu and had never been to this 
restaurant. The couple sitting next to Brad did not know either. I didn't ask the lady on
my left; for she was busy trying to eat and feed her husband, who was a stroke victim. 

I kept thinking this was the strangest restaurant. There were no menus, cost did not 
seem to be a factor, and we had been seated at a table of relatives, who treated us 
like family. 

Plus, I was puzzled that nobody knew anything about the restaurant's being featured in
the CJ. Not even the hostess who seated us. In fact, she did not seem to know what 
we were talking about when we said we wanted ceviche. 

Brad and I knew we were in the right restaurant; for we had been careful to check the
name on the door, to make sure it was the restaurant discussed in the newspaper. But 
once inside, everything seemed so strange. 

Then, about that time, Brad whispered in my ear that he thought this must be a 

I asked the lady sitting across from me, if this were a special event. She looked at me 
funny, and said it was a 30TH ANNIVERSARY DINNER FOR 
(The stroke victim and his wife, Joel and Myrna.) 

I was embarrassed when I realized we didn't know these people, and had been seated 
AT THE HEAD TABLE, with their family, because there were no 
seats left. Everyone assumed we had been invited, since the restaurant is not open on Sunday. 

What I found most interesting about the mix up is Myrna's response, when she realized 
we had not been invited. 

She said to me, "God sent you to pray for us! I know God sent you!" 

Then she wrote down her name and phone number, and asked me to pray for her 
husband, Joel, the stroke victim. 

There was a priest sitting near, but as we ate Anniversary Cake and custard at the 
head table, Myna repeated that God had sent us to pray for them. "I believe in prayer
and I know he sent you," she kept saying. 

They would not let us pay for our meals, and when we left, Myrna and her daughter 
hugged me, and asked me to keep praying. Her final words were "Please call me and 
stay in touch." 

I assured her I would pray for them and would and ask my friends and relatives to do the same. 

God works in mysterious ways. We never know where He might lead or how He will use us. 
We just need to always be available. 

God bless you, 

Juanita Totten


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