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Really, Do You Need God?



As I joined a local brownie group, I was obliged to attend two church 
services a year. I couldn't help but examine my watch every 5 minutes 
and as I was only about 8 it was no big deal. As I progressed to Guides 
I began to get bored with such things as making cookies and going to 
church, so I left. 

I'm not nasty and I'd like to think I am a decent person, but I never 
had God in my life, but it didn't matter, well not then. I even denied 
there was a God. Many people have a God shaped hole within their soul.  I 
have to say I didn't, I was happy and progressing nicely. 

My testimony doesn't involve being through the torment of divorce or 
amazing situations, which brought me to God, but it's probably typical of 
many people. I have two parents who live together but aren't happy, I 
love my Mum but not my Dad, so I guess it's the father figure, I think I 
was looking for. 

I went to an Easter camp where I decided to believe in God again and 
attended a local church. If I really look into my heart, one of the main 
reasons why I went to church was for a boy, and God knew that.  He knows 
our hearts and motives. Only now, three years after becoming a 
'Christian' can I really say I LIVE FOR GOD. It's not easy, in fact at 
times, when my friends are drinking and getting involved in various 
relationships, I become a little envious of their freedom, but then I 
realize where they are going and it saddens me. I have the Lord and they 
don't. I still find it hard to be a witness, but I'm trying with the 
Lords help.  He's walking beside me and thats what counts. 

All the good things in life require effort, like exams and exercising, 
but the outcome is worth it. I love the Lord and He loves me, thats what 
counts, today and for Eternity. 


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