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From Prison To Praise


John 8:32,36 "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. 
Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed."

Some construction workers left a heap of trash, a seed had fallen 
into a crevice, and out of the rubbish grew a flower. Who can make 
a miracle happen in a pile of rubbish? Who can make a trash heap 
come alive with beauty? The only possible answer is that this was 
the works of a Supreme Creator. The Lord Jesus Christ. My life was 
like that heap of trash, that pile of rubbish for many years. I 
started out life with parents who did not want me and who put me up 
for adoption. I was adopted at age two and grew up as an only child. 
I had everything life could offer materially but I never felt loved. 
I believe this was due to the fact that my parents gave me everything 
in an effort to buy my love. There was however a lack of discipline 
in my life and I began to think nobody cared. 

As I approached my teen years I began to rebel against my home 
situation, school, and society. I went around with the wrong crowd 
and eventually began trying different drugs. The first drug was hash 
and very quickly I began getting into trouble. 

My parents felt they could not handle me and contacted our family 
doctor who took charge its seems. He began to give me pills that made 
me feel wonderful and like I was in a different world. I had no cares 
while on these pills and did not realize that they would lead me into 
a life of addiction. I trusted this physician as anyone would and kept 
going back to him. Each time he would give me more pills until I could 
not live without them. 

Some of the drugs I was on were valium and barbiturates. It got to the 
point that to function I had to take pills morning , noon , and night. 
Without them I became very ill. With cramps, nausea very spaced out etc. 
Twice, I went to the teen challenge center in New York for treatment 
but left both times. I was not ready for the help they offered or the 
discipline. I wanted both worlds help and the drugs. This of course did 
not work. You can only receive freedom from addiction when you are 
willing and want help. I had not reached that point of extremity in my 
life yet to gain by any help offered.

To make a long story short, after about 27 years of a life on drugs, I 
did reach that point of extremity in my life. I had gotten married and 
have two sons. In the fall of 1979 after having taken too many drugs that 
became toxic to my system I went on a crime spree. This ended me up in 
court facing nine charges. After a plea bargain five were dropped and I 
received time in prison for the other four. One was for attempted armed 
robbery. I was a first offender and therefore received a short sentence. 

While in prison I felt life had come to an end. My family did visit me 
including my two teen-age boys. This was very difficult for them and for 
me as well I remember my youngest asking me if I was okay. He was 
concerned I would get hurt there. I had finally reached that place in 
my life where I knew I had to have help or life was over. A Baptist 
minister visited me weekly and counseled me and did Bible study with me. 
He helped me see my need of the Lord in my life. 

One day in my prison cell I asked Jesus to come into my life. I remember 
praying this prayer, "Lord there is not much left of me, but what there 
is you can have. Come into my heart and save me. Forgive me of my sins 
and free me from my addiction." Immediately, I felt the presence of the 
Holy Spirit engulf my entire being and I knew that moment Jesus had saved 
me and set me free. Praise His wonderful name. Tears streamed down my 
face as I realized what Jesus had done. 

When I was released from prison I knew God had a ministry for me. I had 
felt his call in my life while still in prison to help those in conflict 
with the law. However I attended much counseling for the first year. After 
a time of proving in my life God began to open up doors of ministry and 
I became a court worker and parole supervisor for the Salvation Army 
Correctional Services in my hometown. I had received a pardon from 
the government of Canada and I began to visit the same prison I had 
been in and to counsel inmates and their families. God gave me 
favor and blessed me.

I have experienced freedom from drugs in my life ever since. I am now a 
student of a Bible college and I know God has much more in store for me. 

If you are out there and you do not know which way to turn, with your 
life going no where and you feel helpless, lonely and desperate, then 
turn your life over to Jesus. He can and will set you free from drugs 
or anything else that may have you bound. He will give you the same hope 
that he gave to me. He will give you something worth living for. If I 
can be of any help to you please contact me and I will, with God's help 
do all I can to help you find the Savior that I have learned to love and 
serve. In summation I leave this verse of Scripture with you found in 

John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten 
Son That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have 
everlasting life."

Also there is a story told of a man named Peter Miller who lived in 
Pennsylvania and Peter had a neighbor in the American Army who was in 
deep trouble. As a soldier, he had committed a crime and was facing a 
court martial. General George Washington, who later became president 
of the United States, was to preside. When Peter heard of this, he 
waded through snow for 60 miles and pleaded that the General extend 
mercy to his neighbor. The General was moved by the plea and said, 
"I'll see what I can do for you friend." Peter Miller replied," "Oh, 
he is not my friend, he's my worst enemy." That is the way of love. 
God loves us far more than Peter loved his neighbor. The God who gave 
Peter love can also find a way to repair our broken relationship with 
Him. He wants to save us, to free us form sin. When I found 
Jesus Christ as my Savior in a prison cell I experienced the greatest 
miracle of God's love, the gift of his salvation and my life became a 
brand new one. I had freedom within my soul; a freedom in Christ that 
I experienced and that is so real today. What will you do with Jesus? 
Will you obey Him or reject him? What will you answer be? I hope 
you will choose to experience God'' miracle of love. God bless.

Phyllis Corbin

E-mail: b4c3h3@yahoo.com


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