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My Son Stood Firm


To put his life in Verse would be a task I could not achieve,
If a story could be put in Poetry, in awe you would believe.

He was my first baby to be born,
And so it was on that beautiful morn.

What God had told me all along
he would arrive like a Heavenly song!

Years passed, his life was pure.
at age 11 I knew for sure.

His life he gave to God alone,
some "so-called" friends then were gone.

He said "Mom, I know it's life but I will not turn away,
some day they will know and some will not stray!

Through hardships and strife he studied for years,
spent time alone with his loving wife to dry his tears.

God answered his prayers and took his burdens away~~
Now with a beautiful family he is a Doctor today!!

My Faith in him has never decreased,
and Faith in God he has never released!!

For: My son and his family--I Love You and May God continue 
to Bless you in your Ministry for Him!!
By Mom {Frances Gaines}


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