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Inspiration is a gift that we can give to others, and a gift that we can get from others.  There are plenty of inspiring, loving people in the world, and we can learn much from them.  These stories and poems are intended to give you the inspiration you need when you need it--they're a valuable resource that's here for you.

It is our prayer that you are blessed by the stories and poems below!



Thank You Lord
Seek God First
Finders, Keepers, or Givers
A Candymaker's Witness
The Fellowship of the Unashamed
Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
If I Were the Devil
A Bigger Frying Pan
God's Table Requires Table Manners
The Blood
The Devil's Convention
My Day in Court
The Diver
The Tattooed Stranger
Two Men in Hospital
Do You Have Time?
When God Speaks to You
Judgment Day
The Atheist
John 3:16
Do Unto Others
The Room
John 14:12


The Handwriting on the Wall
Eternal Ink
Heaven's Grocery Store
Glad I Am Lord?
Dear Lord
I Will Paint You a Rainbow
Oh Lord, My Lord
Apples of Gold
Jesus Is
Did Jesus Use a Modem?
The Bible in 50 Words
Don't Wait
The Missing Blood Transfusion
He's the Reason Why
What If?
The Commission
Stairway to Heaven
'Twas the Night Jesus Came
Take Time
Is It Any Wonder?
Tell the Devil Today
Side by Side
Blue Flowers
I Refuse to Be Discouraged