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A Mother Is A Blessing


Blessed is the Mother who follows the Lord, 
so her children can learn and grow… 
The unselfish Mother who holds on with love, 
yet knows when it's time to let go… 

Blessed is the Mother who's patient, forgiving, 
the one who cannot bear a grudge, 
the one that accepts people just as they are, 
without stopping to question or judge. 

Blessed is the Mother whose faith keeps her going 
through traumas, trials and cares, 
who handles the easy with wisdom and love 
and the not-so-easy….with prayers. 

Blessed is the Mother who meets all your needs 
from the very first day of your birth. 
Blessed is the Mother, who shares so much love, 
for she's GOD'S special angel on earth. 

Author Unknown


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