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The Storm


My sails were torn and battered 
and my ship was sinking fast; 
I could not stay on course 
when I turned to You at last. 
I thought that I could handle it 
and make it on my own; 
But I knew I was in trouble, 
out here all alone. 

I knew I needed You Lord 
to help me make it through; 
I knew that I was lost 
and I knew not what to do. 

Why couldn't I have looked beyond 
and saw what lay ahead; 
Because I had a will so strong 
I was sinking here instead. 

Down on my knees to You Lord 
I begged Your help that day; 
I promised I would follow You 
and let You lead the way. 

You never hesitated Lord 
but turned my ship around; 
You brought my ship safe into port 
and set my feet upon dry ground. 

Now You are the captain 
of both my heart and soul 
You're always at the helm for me 
and I know I'll safely reach my goal

Author Unknown


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