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The Fish


"Dad, what does that fish on the back of that car mean, the car that just cut us off," 
Rachel asked, face wrinkling inquisitively. "I see that A lot on a bunch of cars all the time" 

"Well, Rachel," I began to answer my 10 year old daughter who rode beside me on the way 
to the store, ashamed of what I had to tell her. "Those symbolize Jesus and being a Christian.
They are sort of like an advertisement you see on TV to attract people to have Jesus come into 
their lives and change them." My heart ached, as I knew she would be very confused from 
what she knew of how a person with Jesus would act and what she saw on the road. 

"Dad," She sighed, pausing. "I don't get it at all. I see so many cars with those on them but 
they don't drive like they have Jesus at all. Jesus wouldn't speed, and run stop lights, and cut
people off would He?" 

"No, Rach. He certainly would not. I am actually very upset to see so many people displaying 
the symbol of Jesus and turning those who are lost away because they drive just like the lost. 
It is a very bad witness and I pray for those people all the time." 

"Then why do they put those fishes on their cars in the first place if they are just going to act like 
they don't even know Jesus?" 

"I can actually relate to them, Rachel, because I once thought I was a Christian just because I 
read the bible, and sometimes went to church, and had a fish on my car. Nothing in my life 
changed. I still drove like a maniac, went places I knew I shouldn't go and did things a follower 
of Jesus would not do. But I had the fish….," I paused, briefly, remembering how I really was 
before I surrendered to Jesus and really allowed Him to change my heart and life. "The trouble 
is when you put a symbol of Jesus on your car and not your heart." 

"So is that why we don't have the fish on our car, Dad?" 

"I don't carry the fish on the outside of our vehicle because I carry it on the thing I surrendered 
to Jesus 9 years ago…" 

"Your heart, right," She said smiling… 

I nodded, praying for the guy who cut us off, knowing I was once just like him.

Author Unknown


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