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God's Intervention By Angelic Rescuers


When I was a child my mother spent alot of her time at church. She was involved in Sunday 
School teaching, Girl Scouting, and was a Deaconess. She also spent time doing ministry to 
the needy through Missions Packages and sewing and making items for the many projects 
our church sponsored. My sister and I were left to play in the Sunday school rooms coloring
or playing Quietly. During the summer we would run around the church playing hide and seek.

On this occasion my sister and I were playing hide and seek in the cemetery among the 
gravestones. I jumped up on a large stone cross. It was on a stone base and cut of pinkish 
granite. The whole structure was five to six feet high and weighed 4000lbs. As I jumped up 
on this cross, I held on to the cross and swung around it. Something snapped, the metal pins 
keeping it up right, holding the cross to the base were rusted through, and the cross came 
toppling over and landed on my left arm which was across my chest.

I was completely pinned under the entire weight of the cross and could not move or breathe. 
My sister was hysterical and after trying to move the cross off of me went to get my mother. 
There was no way for me to move. I was going to be dead real soon if something didn't 
happen. There were only women in the church with my mom, even if they had come out in 
time they wouldn't have been able to move this stone cross.

What happened was amazing. The instant my sister left me to get help, I had the help of two 
girls whom I knew come and take the stone away. They lifted it right up and off of me with no
effort. It was my twin babysitters who had come to my rescue. I knew them by name. When 
my mom, sister and others from the church came out to see what had happened, I was lying 
on the ground, the stone was over there, about five feet from me. My mom and everyone 
asked what happened. I related to them the rescue by my friendly twin babysitters.

Everyone looked astonished and asked where they were, My rescuers were no where to be 
seen. They had come and gone in an instant. My mom told me later that it couldn't possibly have
been my babysitters, for they had been at college for the time. So, who were the two strong 
girls? I believe they were me and my sisters guardian angels, appearing as someone I knew to deliver me.

Why do tragic accidents happen to some children, and why was I saved? I believe God has a 
plan for each of us to fulfill for His heavenly purpose. I also know that even as a young child, I 
believed in Jesus. Many times since this incident God has divinely intervened in my life. I've been
in skiing, sledding, and car accidents; any one of them could have killed me. I believe God still 
has work for me to accomplish for His coming kingdom. He is in charge of my life, and that of 
my children's' and grandchildren's'. 

I hope this message encourages you to trust in God, for "with God all things are possible." 

P. T. Marsh


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