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Why Not You?


A few years ago I had eye surgery. I was diagnosed with
cataracts on both eyes. The same Doctor performed surgery
on both eyes. The left eye was successful, but the right eye
was not. The Doctor used the wrong material stitches in the
right eye. Two weeks later he attempted to remove the wrong
stitches, but he damaged the eye and caused glaucoma.
Of course he denied that his actions caused the glaucoma.
Two months later I was totally blind in the right eye.

I began to question God and ask why would He let something
like this happen to a true, dedicated servant like me. I am a
minister who loves the Lord with all my heart, therefore I was
not expecting such a terrible thing happening to me. After
much prayer, and soul searching, I read where the Apostle
Paul had said "As Christ has suffered, arm yourselves like wise".
I ask the Lord "Why me Lord". The Lord responded "Why not you".

Rev. Dr. F.W. Gray


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