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My God Is Awesome


This isn't a salvation testimony but a good story of how God is always with us.

This is not my personal testimony, but it is a story of something that I had 
happen to me that amazed me and makes me thank God for it everyday. There is 
no doubt in my mind that God is real, that His Son died for our sins, 
and that He works through us everyday. This is another example of that! 

I hadn't been sixteen more than a month when my grandfather died. The 
morning after we had found him, I had stayed at my cousin's house until 
after lunch. My mom asked me if I would take her van and drive the 
twenty-five minute trip from Ashburn to Tifton to get clothes for my sister 
to wear to the funeral home. I was given specific instructions to take 
Highway 41, not Interstate 75, and, though I was tempted, I decided not to 
risk anything when my mother was upset enough. 

My sister and I ran our errands in Tifton, and at five o'clock I talked to 
Mom on the phone. I told her that I would be leaving in fifteen minutes and 
asked if I could drive my own car back to Ashburn. She agreed. Neither of us 
gave any thought to the flat tire I had had only two days before. 

I left about ten minutes after I said I would, but I still had plenty of 
time. Not fifteen minutes into our trip, I felt my car pull to the right and 
bump along the road in a strange manner. I knew immediately what was wrong. 
I had no phone and I was alone (except for my thirteen year old sister, who 
was no help in this situation) with a flat tire in the middle of the country. 

"Stay here. Lock the doors," I told my sister. I got out of the car and 
walked a little ways to a small brick house. I knocked on the front door 
and waited. No one came. I walked around back where an extremely large dog 
began barking at me. That was when I broke down. Tears began streaming from 
my eyes. I've always been taught to lay things at the feet of God and let 
Him steer your life. So I allowed Him to. 

"Dear God," I began, "it's up to You now. I'm out here by myself, and 
needless to say, I'm a little scared. I need You to help me, Father. Send me 
help." By the time I got back to my car, I had maintained composure. 
"Well, no one was there," I reported to my sister. "Now all we can do is 

It wasn't three minutes later that a police car drove by. But he didn't 
stop. "What is he doing???" I thought, angered. Then he pulled into a driveway, 
turned around and came back. I got out of my car. "Can I help you ma'am?" 
he asked me. "Well, I have a flat tire. Do you have a phone I can use?" He 
explained that he didn't, but that there was a phone a little up the road. 

My sister and I got into the police car and rode two miles to a gas station. 
On the way I told him where I was going and what I was doing. I got out at 
the store and dialed the number to my cousin's house. No one answered. The 
policeman walked over. "Listen, I'm going to Ashburn, I'll take you where 
you need to go." On the way there I got the speech about how lucky I was 
that he'd been traveling on 41 instead of 75. I was lucky. Thank goodness 
for that. He took us to my cousin's house. I thanked him and told him goodbye. 
I walked inside, and once again burst into tears when I saw my mom. After I 
told her the story my mom looked at me. "God was looking out for you tonight. 

God got you here. See? He does work in mysterious ways."


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