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Do You Believe In Miracles?


Well, it all started on August 5th, I was in my house eating dinner. I just started having intense 
pain in my head and I didn't know what it was; it felt like my head was ready to burst. So I 
knew this was something that needed help and my kids probably wouldn't be able to help. So
I went next door to my neighbors house, and oh boy, I started getting very sick. I lost my 
vision and I couldn't hear. I thought I was dying. My friend called 911 and the ambulance 
came.  I kept asking them if I was dying? They took me to Jess Parish, started running testS 
and tried to get me stable. 

They found out after the MRI that I had an aneurysm and they didn't have the Doctors there 
to help me. They talked to a brain surgeon in Orlando at Florida South. He said I needed to 
be there as soon as possible. So they wanted to fly me there but the weather was too bad and
they couldn't so they took me by ambulance. The brain surgeon did another MRI and found 
out that the aneurysm had burst. They had a hard time getting my body stable and they needed 
to do surgery right away. I know now that Jesus Christ was with me from the beginning. 

People usually die instantly that have an aneurysm that burst.

Jesus has a purpose for me here and it was not my time to go be with Him yet. The doctor came
out and told my kids that I had a 1% chance to live and there would be 80% brain damage if I 
was to live. At this time my family and friends were praying and believing that Jesus was going 
to heal me. 

The doctor also told them that it was the biggest aneurysm they have ever seen. The chances of
me living were not good. There had to be a miracle. Jesus is the only one that could have 
helped at this point. They did the surgery and it went well. 

The doctor told my family that during the surgery that he felt someone's hand guiding him through
the surgery. Of course they all knew who that was, Jesus. When I came out of the recovery room,
they wheeled me down a hallway where my family and friends were and they all surrounded me 
and I spoke up to the doctor and told him this is my family and I named off everyone of them. 
The doctor was in awe that I could remember their names and who they were. As I should have 
brain damage. I have 3 metal plates and 12 screws and 1 clip in my head. As a result of all this. 

I'm a walking miracle, With no brain damage. Do I believe in miracles? 

Yes, I believe in God.


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