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The Encounter



My memory is kind of fuzzy, but this is what I do remember. It was 
December of 1984. The following is crystal clear in my mind. My 
remembrance of the four months preceding this and the three years 
of recuperation following this event is sketchy. Actually, my memory 
of most everything except for this pivotal event lacks substance, as 
part of my diagnosis was "long-term and short-term memory loss".

I lived out in the country in an old farmhouse on a dirt road. There 
were no other houses, paved roads or streetlights in sight. I lived 
alone except for my brown and white Brittany Spaniel, Randy. I have 
slept through fire alarms so, you must believe me when I say I am a 
heavy sleeper.

My dog, Randy, was silent... Someday Jesus will tell me just what 
Randy saw. I awoke out of a deep sleep with the uneasy feeling that 
someone was in my home.

Four months earlier I had been injured when hit by a car that had run 
a red light going 60 miles an hour. Left in a coma, I had brain 
surgery and remained asleep for six weeks. My neurologist later told 
me that they had made the decision to disconnect me from the life 
support system because my brain waves on the electroencephalograph 
were flat, indicating no brain activity. The injury was terminal. 
Just before the time to disconnect me came, I woke up. I remained in 
intensive care for the next two and a half months before being released 
to return home.

I asked my sixteen-year-old daughter, Katherine, who she was the first 
time I saw her after regaining consciousness. She was living with a 
friend of mine and I was living alone, having just returned home, the 
night Jesus came to visit me. As I said, I woke out of a deep sleep 
with the feeling that someone was in the house with me. I got up with 
my walker and moved around the house. There was no car outside. The 
doors were still locked. A screened-in porch ran around three sides of 
the house. I walked the length of this porch...no one there... I 
checked out every closet, every room and glanced out at the garage. 
The dog was still silent.

Satisfied that I was alone, I went back in, lay down and pulled the 
covers up over me. Then! Then it was that I KNEW I was not alone. 
The greatest peace came over me. Every cell of my being was filled. 
Totally, utterly, absolutely, completely satiated and satisfied; my 
heart, mind, soul, spirit, appetites and loins were infilled, embraced, 
lifted in the arms of God, My Savior. I KNEW then that it was Jesus 
who had come to see me. 

He will come in your hour of greatest need. HE converted me right 
them, right there and I believe in a personal Savior. 




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