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One In A Million


One in a Million means I am a Covenant Partner with Kenneth and Gloria
Copeland in Ministry. Their Ministry has been a Blessing in my life for
22 years. Someone gave me a copy of a tape, "Jesus our Jubilee", in
1978 when my middle child, Melissa was deathly ill in St Vincent's
Infirmary in Little Rock in their Intensive Care Nursery. I went to the
Gift shop and bought a paperback bible, because I didn't own one. 

We were in Texarkana at Wadley Hospital first, but they had no idea what to
do, she couldn't breathe on her own, so they sent her to Little Rock in
an Intensive Care Neonatal Ambulance. The first few hours we were at
Wadley, they had gotten her stabilized for the first time, put her in a
room with an incubator instead of a bed. My mother had gone to call
everyone we knew to pray, though neither one of us was in church then. 

I was facing the incubator looking at Melissa, 6 wks old, with my back to
the door, and someone said behind me, right in my ear, "Melissa is going
to be alright!" I turned around expecting to see a Dr., but no one was
there. I KNEW who had spoken to me. After that, she was at St. Vincent's
for 5 weeks, most of that time on a respirator. They had no idea what
was wrong. I did not care what the "NAME" of it was, "MELISSA WAS GOING
TO BE ALL RIGHT!" I didn't get to hold her for 5 weeks. They did
every test in the world. 

I listened to that tape and read my paperback bible. "MELISSA WAS GOING 
TO BE ALL RIGHT!" The Drs. said "Sorry, we have done all we can, she 
isn't going to make it!" When I didn't break down and go into Hysterics 
the Dr. said, "what's the matter with you lady, we said your baby is 
going to die?" I said "Thank You for doing all you knew to do, but it 
isn't up to you whether she lives or dies." They avoided me after that, 
which was fine, I was busy, cramming as much Word in my spirit as I had 
time to do, which was quite a bit. I only got to scrub and gown 4 times 
a day to see her for 30 minutes. And I listened to that copy of "Jesus 
our Jubilee" until the batteries went dead, then I bought more batteries. 

They finally said she had Viral Encephalitis. I ask a nurse what that 
meant. She said her brain would turn to water, then they would hook a 
machine to her brain and when it showed no activity, they would turn the 
respirator off. I thought, "WELL, she Doesn't have THAT then," because 
"MELISSA IS GOING TO BE ALL RIGHT!" her brain swelled. Her head was as big 
as an adults. Then overnight, it went back to normal. They said if she 
lived she would have brain damage. BUT! "MELISSA IS GOING TO BE ALL RIGHT!" 
They finally discovered from a stool sample they sent to Atlanta to the 
INSTITUTE FOR COMMUNICABLE DISEASES that she was the first recorded case 
of Infantile Botulism in our state. And she had already lived longer than 
children ages 4,5,6, & 7. She would make it, they decided, but be blind or
retarded, or crippled, or all, they would have to wait a year to see.

They sent us back to Texarkana to Wadley for her to learn again how to
suck a bottle. She had been on IV then a feeding tube. I spent 3 hours
giving her 3 ounces and the last ounce "accidentally spilled". She HAD to
take 4 ounces every 4 hours. The next day we went home. She had toxin in
her body that had paralyzed EVERYTHING! She could not hold the weight
of her head up, or turn her head, so we had to prop it up in the carrier
with a cloth diaper. The Paralysis gradually wore off. At the one year
check up, NOTHING was wrong! She had/has perfect sight, mobility, was a
honor student all thru school, Married at age 20 and made me a Grandma

What has the Lord done for me? He has Honored His Word and Covenant with
me for 23 years and kept me from having to bury a 2 month old baby,
which I doubt I would have ever survived. I have trusted him for the
health of my family for all that time and none of my children were ever
hospitalized since. He has Honored His Word, and all my family,
siblings, parents, husband, have received Jesus as Lord in the last 20
years. I had to Stand on and believe God's Promises, but they have NEVER
failed me, and never will! I KNOW IN WHOM I HAVE BELIEVED!! 



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