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Jackie's Testimony



I am a born-again Christian. I attend an Apostolic
church and Love the Lord with all my heart and soul. 
He is my LIFE!

My Testimony to the Power of Prayer 

In March, '99, I was very sick and in the hospital.
The doctors told my children "if you have
anything to say to your Mom, you better say it
now. Unless something happens in the next hour,
you will lose her."

I had blood clots in my lungs. Also, my blood
pressure had "bottomed out", which means, I had
NO pressure! Well, I didn't realize just how
Sick I was. I couldn't understand why my girls
were so upset, I thought I had brochitus, or maybe,
pneumonia. Little did I know, I was about to see
God in action!

My daughter, her husband, his brother, and their
assistant pastor Bro. Jim Langley, prayed for me
and I felt such a peace come over me. I wasn't
afraid and I knew I would be ok.

Well, after being in the Progressive care Unit
for 2 days, they sent me home because and I
Quote "They couldn't find anything Wrong with me!

Praise the Lord. He healed me and I have been
telling everyone since that day.

So when you hear someone say that God doesn't 
heal, you tell them to come and talk to me.

I am living proof of the Power of prayer and the Mercy of our God!



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