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685th -- Message On Thanking God


I hope you are doing well and are in the best of health. Things are going
very well with me and the Ministry. I am simply continuing on the path 
that God has set me upon. It has been a great experience for me and a 
path I never thought my life would take. It's very encouraging to know 
that God has been using me to minister to His people for almost 10 years 
now. When I first accepted the Lord Jesus as my Savior I knew my life 
would be changed, but I didn't think the change would be so big. To God 
belongs all the glory for great things He has done. I pray that you have 
been encouraged, inspired and challenged to become better. I also hope 
that you have used the tools that we have made available to both encourage 
and bless others and show them how special they truly are. As always I do 
give all the credit to the Lord Jesus Christ because it is by His spirit 
that every blessing is given.

The Lord has spoken to my heart to write a message on giving thanks and 
praise to the Lord for all the great things He has done for us. Recently
when I was waking up in the morning and giving thanks for the many gifts 
God has given me, I felt the Lord speak to my heart to write a message 
focused on how we should realize that it is God who gives us everything 
that we have and how we should be thankful to Him for it. I hope that you
will find this message both encouraging and inspiring and I pray it leads
you to give thanks to the Lord at all times and in all situations. 
(Psalm 118:24) (1 Thessalonians 5:18) (Psalm 34:1-6) (Psalm 35:27-28)

We should always keep in mind that we all come from dust and will one day
return to dust again. All of our earthly possessions will have no meaning a
hundred years from now, but what we do for the Lord and how we act towards
Him will be with us for all Eternity. It's important to remember that 
without God we can accomplish nothing, but with God all things are 
possible. He is the opportunity maker, the wisdom giver, the perfect 
healer, the constant comforter and our Everlasting Father. He was in the
beginning and in the end He will still be. The Lord deserves our Praise 
and Thanksgiving for great things He has done and is still doing in each of
our lives. (Genesis 3:19) (Mark 9:23) (John 1-3) (Matthew 12:36-37)

Someone might ask why should we give thanks to the Lord? I believe we 
should be thankful to the Lord and give praise to Him because He is the God
of the impossible. He can forgive the unforgivable, love the unlovable, 
redeem the unredeemable and save without prejudice. God is able to cleanse
us from all of our unrighteousness and give us a successful life that we 
never thought possible. God deserves our thanks for without God's blessing
our pursuit of success would be in vain. The Bible declares in Deuteronomy
8:18 “But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is He that giveth 
thee power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He sware
unto thy fathers, as it is this day.” (Job 5:15-27) (Psalm 147:3-20)

I also want to share a few examples of why God deserves our praise. The 
Lord saved Gideon and his 300 warriors from an army of 135,000 Midianites,
He made the Sun to stand still for Joshua so that Joshua and his warriors
could defeat the enemies of Israel and the Lord used Moses to divide the 
Red Sea so that the children of Israel could cross over on dry ground to 
the other side and be freed from the bondage of Egypt. God is worthy of 
our praise and deserving of our Thanksgiving. How many things has God 
brought us out of? (Judges 7-8:23) (Joshua 10:12-14) (Exodus 14:21-31)

The Bible declares in Psalm 92:1-2 “It is a good thing to give thanks unto
the LORD, and to sing praises unto Thy Name, O most High: To shew forth Thy
lovingkindness in the morning, and Thy faithfulness every night.” One 
should only look at the blessings in their life to easily find a reason to
give thanks to the Lord. When nobody else is there to comfort us, the Lord
will be there. When nobody else is there to wipe away our tears, the Lord
will be there. Be encouraged to give God thanks for the many interventions
He has made on your behalf. The Lord is good and worthy of our praise. 
(Psalm 33:1-15) (Psalm 34:8-10) (Jeremiah 33:11) (Psalm 103:1-5)

Read and meditate on these scriptures:

Psalm 34:1-6 “I will bless the LORD at all times: His praise shall 
continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make her boast in the LORD: the 
humble shall hear thereof, and be glad. O magnify the LORD with me, and 
let us exalt His name together. I sought the LORD, and He heard me, and 
delivered me from all my fears. They looked unto Him, and were lightened: 
and their faces were not ashamed. This poor man cried, and the LORD heard 
him, and saved him out of all his troubles.”

Isaiah 42:10-12 “Sing unto the LORD a new song, and His praise from the end
of the earth, ye that go down to the sea, and all that is therein; the 
isles, and the inhabitants thereof. Let the wilderness and the cities 
thereof lift up their voice, the villages that Kedar doth inhabit: let the
inhabitants of the rock sing, let them shout from the top of the mountains.
Let them give glory unto the LORD, and declare His praise in the islands.”

Psalm 111:1-5 “Praise ye the LORD. I will praise the LORD with my whole 
heart, in the assembly of the upright, and in the congregation. The works 
of the LORD are great, sought out of all them that have pleasure therein. 
His work is honourable and glorious: and His righteousness endureth for 
ever. He hath made His wonderful works to be remembered: the LORD is 
gracious and full of compassion. He hath given meat unto them that fear 
Him: He will ever be mindful of His covenant.”

Psalm 33:20-22 “Our soul waiteth for the LORD: He is our help and our 
shield. For our heart shall rejoice in Him, because we have trusted in His
Holy Name. Let Thy mercy, O LORD, be upon us, according as we hope in Thee.”

All of these scriptures can be found in the King James Version Bible.

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In Christ’s Service,

Dwayne Savaya
God’s Work Ministry


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