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A Letter To Satan

Hey Satan!

You really shook me up last night! Having someone go into a Youth Rally and shoot people, that seemed cruel even for you! You almost had me discouraged and disheartened. Almost. Then I started to realize what was really going on.

My main question was why are you attacking Christian Youth?

Then it hit me, fear. You realize that these are the people that will turn the tide of your "battle". You are so afraid because these youth aren't afraid of your conventional weapons. Peer pressure, drugs, sex, greed are all failing as these kids are standing up and saying "NO! I choose to honor God with my behavior.

" You tried cranking up the heat, making the culture more enticing to them, and they still say "NO!" So you try to use the weapon that works well with adults, fear. That's not working. You killed them in Paducah, KY but still they pray. You shot them because they said yes to Jesus in Littleton, CO and they still choose to walk with God. Now you murder them in Fort Worth, and they will still Worship our awesome God. In case you haven't figured it out yet, it won't work!

Our kids won't cave in to you!! They are going to do exactly what you fear most, they will pray for strength. And God will give it to them! He will give them strength to keep going. They will spark a revival in our nation that will turn millions back to God. Once again, Jesus's love will beat your hate!

Oh and as for trying to make them feel that life is hopeless, that's where I come in. I won't let that happen. I will fight you every step of the way, showing the hope that is the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. You see I know we have not been given a spirit of fear, but God calls us His children, and you don't mess with one of God's kids!

So take your shots and try, but we will not cave, and we're finished

being on the defensive. Jesus tells us that the Gates of Hell can't

stop us, and we're claiming that promise. So get ready for the battle of your life. Problem for you is, you have already lost. You lost 2,000

years ago when you tried to kill Jesus. Now the students that you kill are standing with Him no more pain, laughing at you and your feeble attempt at victory.

Please understand, this is no less then a declaration of war. You may want to give up now, cause our Dad is on our side and Jesus told us that if He is for us nobody can stand against us. So if you desire, we will accept your unconditional surrender, otherwise let's get ready to rumble!

Your sworn enemies forever

Christian Believers


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