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Gods tool box


I dreamed I saw God's tool box In Heaven on a shelf. I asked if I could look inside, He answered, "Help yourself!" I lifted the lid up slowly And peered inside to see What kind of tools He uses to work on humanity. But when I looked inside, I was surprised at what I saw; After studying each of them, I looked at Him in awe. "This is what You use, Lord, When dealing with Your own? I expected tools more gentle, Not chisels and grinding stones." "Yes," He said, "My work requires That I use tools like these -- To smooth the jagged edges Left by selfishness and greed. Nothing works like hardship To bring men to their knees, So they will turn from self and sin To seek fellowship with Me." But I use it only when I must; "That one over there is pain, It makes the spirit stronger By building faith and trust. And I call that one affliction; I must use it from time to time To soften hardened hearts And make them more like Mine." Then He reached inside once more And pulled out a satin glove. "This one is my favorite," He said, "For I call this tool Love. I use it to soothe the heartaches Caused by your fellow men; So you'll remember that I love you And share that love with them." "Now do you see, My child, Why I choose to work in this way? I'm only making you stronger When I whittle sharp edges away." Then He gently closed the lid And I woke up from my dream. But after looking inside His tool box, How different this world seems! May tomorrow Be A Perfect Day May You Find Love And Laughter Along The Way May God Keep You In His Tender Care Till He Brings Us Together Again.


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