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God's Blueprint


Did you ever have a day, 
when you thought you just might cry
Did you ever have a day, 
in which you'd want to die

Did you ever have a day, 
when life was much too real
Did you ever have a day, 
when God's love you could not feel?

I've had some days like that, 
so hard and so intense
The pain was overwhelming, 
so I jumped up on my fence

And on the fence I sat, 
looking all around
For God's love I could not feel, 
in my heart twas just not found!

I did not understand the pain, 
nor why I was not blessed
I did not understand, 
it just might be a test

I did not understand, 
how much I had to learn
I did not understand, 
how hot the fires could burn!

So from my fence I called, 
crying out to see
Calling out to God, 
"Have you no plan for me?"

And then my eyes were opened, 
God said He had a plan
As He now pulled out my blueprints, 
and placed them in my hands!

The prints were very detailed, 
unlike any I had seen
They had my heart and mind, 
and yes, even my knees

Then God took my right hand, 
and placed it on my hair
He said, "For each strand that is growing, 
I've placed a number there!"

"Now open up your Bible, 
to Matthew 10 and 30"
"I know your every hair, 
even if it's dirty"

"If I have plans like this, 
on just how you were made"
"Have I not a plan, 
to keep you from Hell's grave?"

I was overwhelmed, 
the tears began to flow
I was wonderfully made, 
and every hair he knows

For as my hairs are numbered, 
and as God cares that much
It's easy to believe, 
that I can trust his touch!

Jay L. Zumbrum
In Jesus Precious Name And for HIS Glory


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