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I Searched For You


Last night I dreamed I went to Heaven
My time on earth was through.
And as I admired God's glorious land
I began to look for you.
I knew that before I was called home,
Your time had come to die.
But as I searched in every mansion,
In helplessness I asked Him "Why?"

I began to remember how close we were
When in this world we lived.
But then I remembered that never once
Did we talk about God's Gift.

Then in an instant I was transferred
To a place that was void of God.
The screams and cries got louder,
The flames were high and hot.
Then a voice said "You desired to see
The friend that you once loved. 

She's down here with satan where 
people go Who knew not the Lord above."
Then I saw you walking through 
The flames that leapt so high,
Picking up bodies by the head
And looking them in the eyes.
Some one said you were looking for
The preachers who lied to you. 

Then I remembered how you went to 
church, At least a time or two. Then 
I went back to where Jesus was, 
And cried that now I knew: 
You'd spend forever in a place called 
Hell. If only I'd witnessed to you! 

Then I awoke and realized
It all was just a dream.
Now I have another chance;
It's not as bad as it seemed.
God said "I've told you what to do.
Go and share my Word.
One can't have faith and believe
In something they've never heard."

I thanked Him for another day,
An opportunity to serve my Lord,
And a chance to do what I neglected
All the days that went before.

Author Unknown 


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