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A Christmas Poem


This is something I'd like to know
In my heart I really wonder
Who will hear the sound of His voice
And think that it's just thunder

Christmas time is a very special time
That "Christians" hold very dear
But when Jesus comes again to earth
Will so-called Christians hear
If you don't have the Spirit of Christ
His coming won't be very clear
But to all who are right with God by faith
They know His coming is near

So if you're not sure you're right with God
Let His gift be yours this year
So that today if He comes to get His body
You won't have to wonder
You'll hear His voice when the trumpet sounds
You'll know it isn't thunder

Don't deceive yourself, our God isn't mocked
He knows His own by name
If He should come and you're not His
You're the only one to blame
You can confess the Lordship of Jesus
God has made it easy to do 
And this Christmas you can celebrate
The Christ that lives in you

By Lois Green 


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