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Inspirational Stories and Poems


Inspiration is a gift that we can give to others, and a gift that we can get from others.  There are plenty of inspiring, loving people in the world, and we can learn much from them.  These stories and poems are intended to give you the inspiration you need when you need it--they're a valuable resource that's here for you.



God Is Good
The Piano Lesson
Smell The Roses
The Christmas Gift
Teach The Children
A Soldier's Playing Cards
The Obstacle In Our Path
Giving When It Counts
Jesus Really Does Love You
Your Cause For Living
The Geese And The Snowstorm
The Perfect Heart
Five More Minutes
Carl's Garden
The Homeless Man
Sitting On The Fence
A Christmas Gift
Hugging The Furniture
Don't Give Up...
Daily Prayer Confession (Prayer)
Hellish Choice
A Tribute To The Bible
Mother's Maintenance Manual


A Christmas Poem
My New Years Wish 
The First Sermon
Stand Up And Witness
Restore Our Country
The Only Thing That Matters
The Road
Practice What You Preach
Going To Heaven Without...
A Christian Man
How To Be A Godly Employee
They Missed Him
Hidden Idols
A Wintry Night
If You Truly Care
A New Beginning
Once And For All
The Value Of A Soul
I Will Not Worry
Start Over...
The Lambs Book Of Life
What's Hope?
Ivory Islands In A Crimson Ocean
An Old Woman