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If You Truly Care


If you truly care about your friends, 
no matter what their beliefs, you will 
share the gospel of Jesus with them. 

If you truly love your friends and family 
you will care about where they are going 
when they die. Death is a certainty that 
we all know is going to happen to us 
sooner or later. But none of us know when. 

Take every opportunity to tell your friends, 
enemies, loved ones, everyone and anyone 
about Jesus Christ, after all where would 
you be going if no-one had told you. 

Friend's don't let friends go to hell if they
know the way to Heaven without giving them all 
the information they can about Jesus Christ. 

True friends care most about where their friend 
will spend eternity. The only way to Heaven is 
through Him. Tell your friends about Jesus, 
don't wait, do it today. 

You never know when it'll be your last chance.

By Kim Champney


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