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The Value Of A Soul


"What is the value of a soul?" I asked the Lord one day. "What is its
worth upon the earth? How much does one soul weigh?" Then He showed me a
set of scales, in perfect balance, there. And, as I watched, he filled
one side, with wealth beyond compare. 

There was silver, gold and jewels, so beautiful and rare. The different
treasures of the world, he quietly placed them there. My heart began to
tremble as I watched His nail scarred hands, For on the other side of
that great scale, I saw one single man. 

"Who is that man?" I asked Him, " that he should have such worth?" He
surely must be famous and the greatest man on earth. "Step closer, now,
and take a look," Jesus said to me. As I drew near, I recognized a man
I'd often seen. 

His clothes were old and ragged; in his hand he held a glass. He was our
city's poorest drunk, a man of lower class. "Lord, you don't know that
man," I said. "He's lived his life in vain. He'll bring disgrace into
the church and reproach upon your name." 

"I'd like to know him," Jesus said, "but he does not know me. But if
you'll help me reach him, then what a change you'll see. I'll take that
wretched, sinful life and cleanse it with my blood. And when he gives
his heart to me, I'll fill it with my love." 

"His soul cannot be purchased with the wealth you've seen today. But I
was sent to die for him; my blood has paid the way. He's my lost sheep,"
the Savior said, "And I love you both the same, But if you think he's
worthless, then I surely died in vain." 

"So when you look upon someone whose life is wrecked by sin, If you'll
just have compassion, then you'll share your brother's pain. You must
not look upon his past or what he seems to be. But look beyond his many
faults and know, I'll set him free." 

"Don't look at him as just a man and only see his shame, But see him as
a precious soul that I have died to save." "This earthly wealth," the
Savior said, "cannot draw men to me. But I paid a price upon the cross,
to set this whole world free.

Author Unknown


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