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I Will Not Worry


I will not worry I will not doubt, God knows the problem and
He will work it out.

God knew the circumstances before they began, and He holds
this precious baby in His hand.

I know my God is able to provide all we require, so I shall
continue lifting praises higher and higher.

God is so loving, gracious and kind, and He places within me
such perfect "Peace of mind".

I shall not get discouraged nor give in to doubt, I trust in
God and I know He'll work it out.

Nothing at all is impossible for God, so why I used to worry
about things now seems so very odd.

God not only provided for my eternal salvation, but kept
beckoning me in till I grasped the revelation.

Then upon acceptance He began changing me inside, the work
done by Him least I be guilty of pride.

He forgave me of sin and taught me to trust, teaching me
daily surrender is an absolute must.

As long as I remember to surrender each day, He keeps all my
actions and reactions totally at bay.

No I will not worry I'll trust in my Heavenly Father, to do
any different would make life so much harder.

By Barbara Philbrook


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