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The Coroner's Convinced


In one of his fine messages Pastor-Evangelist Bog Eggers related 
the following story as told to him by a Christian coroner in 
Texas. Rev. Milton Kerri confirmed the story, since he also knew 
the coroner and heard it from his own lips. 

The task of the coroner is to officially pronounce and document the 
death of a person; so he is among the first to be called to a home 
or mortuary to examine dead bodies. One day at a funeral home in 
Texas town, the coroner of our story, who was not a Christian at the 
time, was called to view the body of a man who was brought in. Though 
he had examined hundreds of bodies before under similar circumstances,
in this particular case the coroner could not help but notice the 
horrible expression left upon the face of the deceased man. 

Later that same day, at the same funeral home, this coroner was called 
upon to confirm the death of a little child. When he observed the 
lifeless form of this little girl, again he could not help but notice 
the surpassing beauty, the evident peacefulness and even joy upon her 
countenance. In contrast, he moved across the hall to look again into 
the face of the man, brought in earlier. 

For some time the coroner had been wrestling with the conviction that 
he ought to get right with God. For some time he had good intentions 
of going to church with his Christian wife, walking the aisle and giving 
his heart to Christ, but each Sunday, at the invitation he would get 
"cold feet" and put the matter off. After closely observing this day; 
these two contrasting faces at the funeral home, he could not sleep 
that night. The vision of these faces - the ugly, horrible countenance 
of the mature man; the innocent, angelic, and peaceful expression of 
the beautiful little girl - kept coming before him. Surely, he thought, 
there was a reason for the difference. Finally he concluded that the 
difference was their eternal destinies. 

He rose from his bed, fell upon his knees, poured out his soul to God
and gave his heart to Jesus Christ. 

The next morning, this now Christian coroner determined to confirm the 
truth of his speculations. So he looked up the parents of the deceased 
child and asked them if their little daughter had ever trusted Jesus 
Christ as Saviour. They tearfully, yet joyfully said yes, just a few 
weeks before she died, she had been converted when a Sunday school 
teacher talked to her. 

Then the coroner looked up the survivors of the particular man whose 
face of horror had so indelibly impressed him. Upon inquiry he learned 
that this man had never darkened the doorstep of any church, had never 
displayed he slightest interest in his soul's eternal welfare, but 
rather was a wicked and profane man. 

For sometime thereafter the coroner conducted a more extensive experiment, 
and examined the bodies of about one hundred deceased persons brought to 
his attention; in each case recording in a notebook his impressions as to 
their spiritual condition at the time of death, as judged from their 
facial appearance. Then, he went to their survivors to confirm the 
accuracy of his spiritual diagnosis. In ninety-two percent of the cases, 
his impressions were proven to be correct, as to whether they were 
saved or lost.

Author Unknown

What a wonderful confirmation to the truth of God's Word when it testifies, 
as it does in so many places, to the fact of man's eternal destiny: that 
there is indeed a Heaven to win, and there is a terrible Hell to shun! 

"And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous 
into life eternal." (Matthew 25:46)


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