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What Is Sin?


Sin is deceitful. It promises pleasure, it gives pain; it offers 
life, and gives death. It opens out as bright as the morning; it 
closes as dark as night. 

It is a beast of prey. Under a velvet paw it conceals a claw with 
which it wounds and lacerates those who would stroke it. 

In every sin there is the seed of another sin. It is self-propagating. 
It roots itself in the soul of the sinner until it has used up every 
bit of good soil in the soul. 

It corrupts his nature, perverts his tastes, weakens his will, and 
sears his conscience. And with each evil deed inclinations towards 
evil become stronger and stronger until "he cannot cease from sin,"
and the sinner is "consumed by his own lusts." 

Sin is a very promising employer - and a terrible paymaster. 

By Charles A Jeffries


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