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Linda's Testimony


I don't know how to start this. I didn't think I was affecting anyone else's life by my accepting 
Christ into my life. 

I was in the world for the better part of my life, sort of. What I mean by that, is by the time I 
was 12, I knew something was wrong with what I was being taught. So in retaliation to the 
church, I turned my back on religion of any kind. Then, through a lot of prayer by my husband
(he was saved at a very young age, and NEVER preached to me cause he knew I would leave),
I began going to church with him. Within a year, I had accepted Jesus, and in May of 1994, 
I was baptized into Christianity. 

During the past years, I didn't think I impacted anyone. Well, when my father passed away 
(April 6th, 2001), a friend of mine sent me a sympathy card with a note attached. The note is 
very dear to me. I IMPACTED MY DAD!!! He said that my dad had made comments about 
how he saw how Jesus had changed my life and he wanted the same for himself and my mom. 

Boy, and I thought that there was no difference! God is able to work through our lives 
even when we don't even notice. 

God bless you, 


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