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The Prayer of J.B.


Dear Jesus, 

By all of my words and deeds be praised, and blessed. Lord You said you would 
forgive all of my sins and that You would remember them no more. You also said 
to put You in remembrance. Well Lord, this is what You did for me. 

Once upon a time I was a very sick man. I was sick unto death. I was sick in my 
body, soul, and spirit. Not only was I sick but I was also in bondage. 

I was in a prison of addiction, alcoholism, and sexual immorality. These bondages 
were like being wrapped with chains and locked behind very thick bars. Lord not 
only was I sick and in bondage but I was also lost. I was lost in sin and could not 
find my way back to You. 

I despised the life I was living and I was sick of my sin but every time I tried to 
change my life I would fail miserably. I would pour out the booze and flush the drugs
down the toilet but the addictions were still in me. I was either going to die or go 
to prison. I was so full of fear and paranoia. I would toss and turn on my sweat 
soaked bed as I cried and prayed that You would deliver me. 

So even though I was rebellious against You and I deserved to die and go to hell, 
You came and found me. You led me to a church and there you washed me clean. 
You instantly delivered me from all of my addictions. You broke the chains and the
bars, and You healed all of my sicknesses. Not only did You do all of these things, 
but You also filled me with Your Spirit and gave me a new life. 

Oh the unsearchable riches of Your love and grace. You are so sweet, and nice, and
beautiful. I could never repay You for all of Your kindnesses. I will live the rest of my
life for You. I offer up my body as a living sacrifice. May it be holy and pleasing in 
Your sight. I love You Father. 

Johnny Brooks 


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