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The Love Of Jesus Saved My Life


Hi my name is Don Young. I would like to tell you about how Jesus stopped me from committing suicide.
It happened about two weeks before I got saved. As a young man I went through severe abuse; mentally,
physically and sexually and by the time I was fourteen I was 280 lbs. and hated myself. I used to eat and
not shower to keep people away from me. 

You see, I was abused by a male member of our family and I felt it was my fault, so I ended up with no 
self-esteem or understanding of self-worth so this was how I grew up. It all came to a head one day when my
mother and I had a huge fight and I said some things I didn't mean and so did she. Any way I ended up in the
bathroom looking in the mirror and screaming at my reflection; I hate you, I wish you had never been born. I
was in the bathroom just deciding whether to slash my wrists across or up my arm. Just as I was going to cut
my wrists, a physical audible voice spoke to me and said "Don you've lived this long; why are you giving up
now, don't do this, I have something for you; don't give up now". 

Well at the time I wasn't saved so you can imagine my reaction to this voice. I was boiling mad and I was 
swearing like crazy, but I searched my whole yard, my house and all. There was no one around who could 
have spoken to me. The hair on the back of my head stood up and I was afraid. I thought I was losing my 
mind. It wasn't until I became a Christian that I realized Jesus spoke to me and saved me from making 
a fatal and Eternal mistake. 

So this is my Testimony. 

God Bless You All
Don Young


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