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A Better Way


My testimony may not be as dramatic as some, but I know that in 
God's eyes there's not one person's testimony that is better than 
anyone else's because they all have one point in common: He is our 
Testimony--He is the Author and the Subject of each one when we 
allow His love into our hearts to change our lives. 

I was seventeen when I came to God eight years ago. I was pretty 
normal by today's standards. I loved music--mainly hard rock and 
heavy metal, and I had been dabbling in alcohol and drugs for probably 
a year. I was nowhere near having an addiction, but who knows where 
I might be today if I hadn't given in to Jesus? I could be anywhere 
in any kind of condition--it's no mystery what the Devil will do to 
us if we let him, and if we're not living for God, the Devil has control. 

My parents had fallen into financial problems around this time and 
before I knew it, we were staying with my aunt and uncle who are 
Pentecostal Holiness Christians on fire for God! I went to church a 
couple of times and became acquainted with some of the other church 
members. I knew God was drawing me because I had felt it before when 
I went to church occasionally in years past. I started reading the 
Bible, too, and the drawing got stronger. It wasn't too long after 
that I went to a Bible study and someone suggested we go to the church 
and have a little prayer meeting. Well, it turned out to be nothing 
but little for me. An impromptu but heavily anointed sermon was given 
by one of the young preachers who was with us. I started to sob and 
weep like a baby when I realized with my heart (not my head) how much 
Jesus loved me and how good it felt to call on Him and let Him put his 
arms around me and welcome me home! I was baptized a week later and 
filled with the Holy Ghost not long after. 

One of the most amazing things is how God works in our lives even before 
we know Him or come to Him. You see, I never really fit in the world. 
Sure, I had friends, but I never felt like I really fit in. They didn't 
mind hanging around with me, but they didn't really care about me--not 
like a church family, and not like Jesus. I just never felt good enough. 
But now I see that's how God wanted it! He already had a purpose, a place 
and a plan for me before I even knew He was there! I didn't fit there 
because that's not where I belonged. I still love music, but I found a 
better kind. There never has been, and never will be, anything like 
singing with the anointing of the Holy Ghost about His love, His power 
and His Heaven. I used to love to read, but I found a better Book, and 
God has blessed me with knowledge of His Word that not everybody has. I 
used to want better friends, but glory to God, I found a Friend that 
sticketh closer than a brother! A Friend that loveth at all times! A 
Friend who promised "Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end."


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