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Betty Moss's Testimony



I have come a mighty long way, and I do thank the Father for bringing 
me this far. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior when I was
sixteen. I was a baby in Christ and did not know very much about the
Lord. But I knew He is who He said He is. But I still was holding on to
the world. 

I married and I started studying His word, and asking Him for
understanding for what I was reading. I did not come from a Christian
family. I was the only one in my family of four that gave my life to
Jesus at the time, and was very real about serving the Lord. 

I started growing each day, and the Father was teaching me much. but 
as the years passed I got a divorce. and I went back out into the world. 
And I was having the mass of my life. I thought that I was missing so 
much out there. Those that I started hanging with was of the world and 
that drew me further from my Lord. I know today that he was with me. I 
had left him, he did not forsake me nor left me. He was always with me. 
He knew what all I was doing and was not pleased of what I was doing or 
saying. Inside I knew I was wrong. My flesh was wrestling with my spirit. 
At the age of 37 yrs. old I came back to Jesus, and I cried and fell on my
knees and ask for his forgiveness. And he did.

This day I'm 43 yrs. old and I'm stronger then ever. When I go threw the 
storms of life I know my father is carrying me threw it all. I have been 
given a chance once again. To live and do Gods will, there is no turning 
back. I found out that the world has nothing to offer. and i know within 
my heart that Jesus truly loves me and I'm happy to be a Prayer Warrior 
today. You never know what plans He has for your life. I'm a witness to 
this day. There have been so much the father has been doing through me 
to reach others, and so many blessing are coming from above. but I will 
not stop, and maybe I will have the day to share much more of what the 
father has done, and is doing in His name through me. 

Thanks very much for God opening this door for me to share my testimony 
with others. God bless this ministry for all they are doing threw Jesus 
Christ praying for so many souls here on this earth. God bless. 

A sister in Christ, 



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