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God's Revelation To Me



I was saved when I was 13 years old. I definitely felt Gods hand 
in my life but it wasn't long until I started to backslide, or drift from 
Gods will. The next two and a half years I spent out of His will. God's 
hand in my life is very prevalent. He has blessed me with the best friends 
in the world. They are good Christian influences and keep me accountable. 

One of these friends was the first to ask me to attend a Bible study on Wed. 
night. It was at that point in my life when I decided to follow Christ and 
the example He set for all Christians through His life. That was three and 
a half years ago. I must say I have grown quite a bit as a Christian since 
that day. I as all other Christians go through peeks and valleys, or high 
and low points spiritually. 

Just recently I had become complacent with my Christian walk. About a 
week ago God showed me a few things. Christ lived a sinless life. If you 
think about how many times you sin in just a single week or day that fact 
really becomes unfathomable. He could have had the earth at his control 
and forced us to bow down at his feet, but he didn't. His people were the 
weak, sick and poverty stricken people of Jerusalem. That's also kind of hard 
to understand. But He didn't stop there. He gave his life a sinner's death. 
Keep in mind that He had never sinned and how remarkable that is. He was 
beaten almost to death and hung on a cross. He endured inconceivable pain 
physically and mentally. Can you imagine how it must have felt for Christ 
to be separated from His Father. And the amazing thing to me is that He gave 
all this freely that I might have the chance to be in Heaven with him. 
I dont deserve this. 

I once heard that if you took a string and stretched it from one side of 
your room to the other and take a pen and just make a little mark somewhere 
on the string that the mark you made is too large to represent your life to 
Eternity. In light of this, how can I waste a single day of my life not 
doing what is in Gods will. There is a reason for everything. That includes 
you. There is a reason for your life here on earth. I encourage you my 
brothers and sister to stand firm in your faith. Continue to spread the 
gospel. That is the great commission. There are people out there who are 
willing to listen. 

Your brother in Christ Jesus, 
Tommy Stice



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