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Jesus Still Heals Today


It was February 1994 and in Zimbabwe this is usually Athletics season. I was in High School then 
and I was doing my A' Levels at Chaplin High School. I was a young Christian and was 21 yrs old.
On that fateful afternoon, we went for 'cross country.' It was more of a Marathon. I remember I 
was one of the students that were leading in the race. As we were going down some mountain 
(Gweru Kopje), I fell and when that happened, I could have rolled down the mountain and died,
but God was merciful; I did not roll down. 

I then broke one of my bones, right midshaft femur. It was a complete break such that only the flesh
and the muscle were holding the leg. It was such a painful experience. I was filled with fear but one 
thing that I continued to say was: "Jesus you are my strength." I repeated these words over and over
again even as I was put in the Ambulance and taken to the hospital. I was admitted and had to go for 
surgery later on. They then inserted what they call a K-nail. The doctors had said I was going to 
stay in the hospital for 3 or more months. God performed a miracle! 

My friends at School were praying and fasting for me. In 2 weeks, I was miraculously out of the hospital.
I was using crutches at that time but a few weeks later, defying what the doctors had said, I threw 
away the crutches and I was walking with a limp. When I went back to the hospital for my review, 
the doctor was shocked to see me walking. I also managed to pass my exams so well that year even 
though some people were thinking I would not make it because of that experience. 

I was in boarding school and when I went back home in April, my friends at home could not believe 
that I had broken a leg. They only would believe after seeing the 30 stitches on my right thigh. So God 
joined the bone back in less than a month. Others might think that I was young and therefore still 
growing but I really believe that this experience was nothing short of a miracle. The nurses even viewed 
it as a miracle too because they had other cases that they had dealt with, some of the people were even
younger than me but it took a long time for them to heal. 

Now I can do anything with the leg as if nothing ever happened to it. Only the stitches on the leg bear 
the witness that Jesus still heals today... 

I hope this is encouraging to you. For more feel free to contact me. 

Charles Magaiza


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