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How I Was Saved



My best friend is a devout Christian, and from the time I first met her in 
grade 6, I have always been exposed to Christian beliefs. When she invited 
me to come to Pembina Bible Camp this year, I was 15 and enjoying corrupt 
living. I listened to Korn, Metallica, and Limp Bizkit. I believed 
that I was a good person and that the music would never affect me. "I like 
their songs, not the artists." Was my defense when my best friend confronted 
me about the music. But it did affect me. I began to mouth off to my parents, 
and not really care about my schooling and marks. I had a lot of anger in me 
when I was at home. 

At Pembina Bible Camp, at the first night's service, I was saved. The guest 
speaker that week was Dr. Tony Stone from England, and after speaking at the 
service, he asked anyone who had not previously accepted Jesus Christ into 
their hearts, to come up and do it now. 

Something moved me to go up there that night and pray the sinners prayer 
along with the others wishing to be saved. And then I was saved. 
That week, I also gave my life to God. I prayed that he would use my life to 
help others, and I was also willing to die for Him. While I was praying to 
God that night, I was blessed with the Holy Spirit. 

I thank everyone who had a hand in changing my life, but most of all, I 
thank the My Lord Jesus Christ for loving me unconditionally. 

This is the testimony of Tuesday June Andrich, age 15. 



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