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From The Root of Defeat To The Bloom of Victory



Dear friends: This is Marie and I need to explain to you about my
life. The Lord really has done a work in this child's life. Many times he
showed me I needed to go back to the cross and do my first works over. I did
not understand what he meant. The Lord showed me, he sent two wonderful guys
into my life to straighten this gal out. I was taught man's teaching, not
Holy Spirit teachings. I want to share with you about my Christian walk. I
knew of Christ, for 13 years but I never knew Him until one spring day of
1998. The Lord heard the cries of this child's heart. Whoever I am speaking
to I pray my spirit witness to your "Christ, spirit". I have been a prayer
counselor for many years and led many to the cross to find their Heavenly
Father, awaiting them. The Holy Spirit directed me there in Feb 6 1987. I
found the Lord, waiting with open arms. I ask, the Lord, into my heart. He
forgave me of my sins and cleansed me with his blood, and wrote my name in
the Book of Life. I have had many spiritual battles in my life. I am 43 years
old, and have many spiritual scars. My Heavenly Father showed me this spring
he was always there, fighting the battles. All I needed to do was sit on the
sidelines and let him do the work. He won at Calvary, and what he did once,
he'll do again. I am so glad the Lord cleared this up and took away all fear,
doubt, and confusion. By man's teaching, I believed that when you prayed, you
would have met God in the sky somewhere.

This was wrong. I believed you had to fight the devil by yourself, and when
the battle got too tough, call upon the Lord, and he would help. I was wrong
again. Now let me share with you what the Holy Spirit taught me. I was saved
13 years ago, came into the knowledge of being saved April 2 1998. When I
prayed, Christ showed me He lives within my heart. All I need to do is go
deeper, into my spirit, not higher, and I will find Him. The day I got saved,
God planted the seed of Christ in my heart to live and grow. I believed you
had to fight the devil by yourself. No wonder I lived in fear for 8 long
years. No, it's not our battle; it's the Lord's. He won at Calvary and He's
always one step ahead of us to fight the battles if we only let him, Amen.

God filled my life with Christ, when I died to self and His Son rose within.
It is not I or me but Christ, that works through this vessel. I no longer
live, but it is God's Son that lives within. I no longer can do anything;
it's Christ that does it. Friends, I can look back and shout joy for what the
Lord has done in my life. All the pains, tears, burdens and suffering were
for my good and for the Glory of God. I had to go through these trials to get
to the place where I am now. It's peace, joy, and love unspeakable and full
of Glory that fills this child's heart. The Lord wants His true Gospel spread
all over to the ends of the earth. HIS TRUE GOSPEL, not man's. It's not
religion that counts; "It's our relationship with the Heavenly Father." Don't
feel sorry for me, I have been through a lot and I have learned my lesson
well. Now I know the Lord, is going to work through this child, in a mighty
way. I'm ready to go where He sends and to speak His words in the hour they
are to be spoken. The minute I gave my heart to the Lord, I gave him complete
control. Glory, I know now I am on the right track, I know the Knower and He
knows this child. He has led me to write a book called, River Of His Glory
Subtitles within the pages are Glory To God, Master's Touch, Wall Of God's 
Heart As you read them may God Bless You

I want to thank my Heavenly Father for these golden nuggets of manna, from
his heart to mine. As you guys enjoy these awesome treasures from his heart,
feed upon them. Break bread and drink living waters that flow from His soul
to yours. He has everything under his control. No matter what, we have
VICTORY through it all.

Lord thank you for opening your hidden treasures unto this child. For taking
the blinders off of my soul and spirit that satan had blinded me with. I want
to thank you Lord, that your Son-Shine melted them away. Now this child can
see the golden nuggets of diamonds shinning from within. No longer under the
bondage of satan and his schemes, but in the loving care of my Heavenly
Father I will run the race of life. Friend as he walks and talks with his
children, let us listen and obey his manna from within. He knows the road and
pathways to walk, and the ones to back away from, because they will lead us
down the highway of destruction called sin. Father let your Holy Spirit winds
blow blessings unto your children as the treasures of Heaven are revealed to
them through the manna and living waters, that flow within these pages of
your heart. Father God and your Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, we want
to thank you all three as one as you flow through these children. Let these
vessels give all glory honor and praise unto the Master of their soul. From
this second on oh Lord, take complete control, and we will give you all
glory; honor and praise in Jesus Christ name Amen.



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