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When I Became A Christian



I had been going through a rough time with losing 2 jobs and I was thinking
that there was no reason to go on. I had started to go to church with my
girlfriend from high school but I was not happy. On September 26,1981, my
girlfriend called and asked if her and the Associate Pastor from the church
could come over and talk to me. I told her yes. When they got to my place
Dan, the AP asked me what was going on in my life. I told him what I was
going through. After I got done talking, he asked me if I would like to
accept the Lord as my Personal Saviour and I said yes. We got down around
the coffee table and I repeated the sinners prayer after Dan. Just after we
got done praying the phone rang and it was my Mom. She said that she
understood that I had lost my job and I told her that I had. She told me
that she would pay the rent and buy groceries for me until I was able to
find another job. 

I couldn't believe how fast the Lord answered our prayers because we had 
just finished praying about that. I love the Lord so much and will never go 
back to the way that I was living before I became a Christian.

God is so good!



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